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About the Company

Tracking transport vehicles, employees and other objects via Internet.

Satellite Systems of Monitoring allow obtaining real-time information relating the operation of your business or the status of any object of interest. You can get any information on the object via Internet using a computer or mobile phone from any place in the world. Tracking with the use of gps or glonass equipment is available in all continents. SSM equipment has a number of interesting capabilities, for example, it can be connected to various sensors: a fuel gauge - for determination of filling stations, fuel discharge and consumption, ignition sensor - for determination of motor hours and transport operation efficiency, motor blocking sensor as well as pressure sensors, temperature sensor and axle load sensor. In addition, there is a possibility to read data from the CAN bus of a transport vehicle.

Additional possibilities are as follows: SOS button – for emergency calls, listening through the passenger compartment, voice connection with a driver via loud speaker communication, connection to the existing alarm system and obtaining information from the system, as well as many other features.

A demo-version of the satellite monitoring system is available at our website www.ssm.kz You can get familiar with the system possibilities on your real transport vehicles. Satellite Systems of Monitoring LLP.